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Hello, I'm Jean-Philippe Paradis (Hexstream) and for the last ~7 years I've been intensively in Common Lisp development. During that time, I developed many very useful, novel and non-trivial libraries (notably, a big bunch of libraries which constitute a kind of web framework). The process of opening up has been gradual, but now I develop ALL my projects entirely in the open and release them into the Public Domain with the Unlicense. You can browse the code of all my projects on Github, including this website, which is also entirely released into the Public Domain. So go ahead and steal and repurpose anything you want any way you like for any reason! I want my projects to reach their maximum possible impact and relevance!

Even more interestingly (perhaps), you can spy on me as I work. With 50+ work-in-progress projects, I can't hold all the state of my projects and metaprojects in my head anymore, so I thought I might as well share it with the world.

Historically, I've failed to put a dent in my mountain of old projects I've been trying to clean up and document so that anyone can use them easily, but thanks to my new "Worknotes Methodology", I'm hopeful this is about to change drastically! I know this will be a ton of work but I am determined to do it, I'm sick of being the only user of my innovations.

Right now I'm writing the HTML and CSS for this site by hand, which to me is unacceptable. Long ago I made some "really nice" HTML and CSS libraries and have some good experience with web development, but these web libraries currently are in a very sorry state so I'll use them again when their cleaning up is done.