Hello! I've been doing Common Lisp related work intensively for 10+ years.

PSA: Zach Beane is a dangerous SOCIOPATH,
and he is DESTROYING the Common Lisp community.
Learn More (April 2018)
Learn Even More (September 2018)


  1. Please read this important thread about the Common Lisp community. Thank you!

    (edit, 23 september 2018: Edited the "Learn Even More" and "this important thread" links in-place to start 8 tweets down at the most important part instead of at the beginning which is also important but much less captivating.)

  2. Added the PSA above. If I don't escalate this outside of twitter, who will?!

    It took me more than a decade of being relentlessly targetted by Zach Beane the sociopath to uncover this important information, so I might as well share it a bit more prominently. I unfortunately don't have the resources to expose him more completely than this at this time. My apologies.

  3. Now all my sites are mobile-friendly! (3 months well spent!)

    (On desktop, you can just resize the window narrow to test.
     Or better yet, use Chrome or Firefox and press F12, then go into "device mode".)