Hello! I've been doing Common Lisp related work intensively for 10+ years.

PSA: Zach Beane is a dangerous SOCIOPATH,
and he is DESTROYING the Common Lisp community.
Learn More (April 2018)
Learn Even More (September 2018)


  1. Added the PSA above. If I don't escalate this outside of twitter, who will?!

    It took me more than a decade of being relentlessly targetted by Zach Beane the sociopath to uncover this important information, so I might as well share it a bit more prominently. I unfortunately don't have the resources to expose him more completely than this at this time. My apologies.

  2. Now all my sites are mobile-friendly! (3 months well spent!)

    (On desktop, you can just resize the window narrow to test.
     Or better yet, use Chrome or Firefox and press F12, then go into "device mode".)