Hello! I've been doing Common Lisp related work intensively for 14 years.

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  1. I massively improved usability for my Notes and tips: Standard Common Lisp symbols article, most notably by making symbol links point directly to the CLHS instead of the huge table, which is now on a separate page. This is still my biggest Common Lisp project to this day!

    I also greatly expanded the Thin wrappers page, which now gives some simple examples of using each thin wrapper and the equivalent long form. It's especially useful for newbies, but most people will probably find a few equivalences they didn't know about.

    (Also tweeted.)

  2. HexstreamSoft is now truly officially the #1 top ranked Common Lisp site!

    The site has been trending ultimately trended upwards for 20+ 30+ 40 consecutive days! (With 1 trivial exception.)

    edit: What a day! The new Quicklisp dist has coincidentally been released, and includes my 6 (!) new libraries: compatible-metaclasses, object-class, class-options, enhanced-find-class, evaled-when and simple-guess. This brings my grand total to 30! Special thanks to Xach!

    edit 2: Also see the accompanying post on LinkedIn for a nice summary.

    edit, 9 october 2020: Now 30+ consecutive days!

    edit, 16 october 2020: Now 40 consecutive days from September 4 to October 14, but I think it's over now. ;) What a streak! I'm working on super exciting stuff, I'm hoping to get into the top 100k by the end of the year.

  3. Released compatible-metaclasses 1.0.

    Despite the resulting simplicity, this is one of the hardest things I have ever written in my 15+ years programming career. Features a metametaclass!

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