The following is a full list of my programming-related accounts.

Accounts » Actively used

I am, at the very least, logging in to these accounts almost every day.
If you have questions or comments, please contact me!

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I'm back into "real" programming after a 5 years hiatus!


Mostly Common Lisp, programming, innovation.

As of 3 april 2017, I don't read twitter anymore.
(I still read my notifications at least once a day.)

Anyone can DM me! Feel free to do that.


Please support me! I'm counting on you!!

Freenode IRC

I'm usually connected to the network throughout the day.
I'm typically not in any channel. (I gave up on #lisp.)


I usually connect to it at least once a day.
(Sufficient, given the persistence features.)

Discord beats the crap out of IRC...
(Too bad it's proprietary...)

My email address is

(I usually check my email once or twice per day.)

Accounts » Almost never used

I almost never use these accounts at this time, but I intend to use them again whenever appropriate.

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I'm participating in the alpha. Exciting stuff!


New dialect derived from Common Lisp, at early concept stage.

Project is expected to remain on ice for many years, as of 2015.


Many SBCL issue reports.


This is a valuable source of quality traffic for me!
It's worth taking the time to make pages for your projects.

Accounts » Dormant

I have no intention of ever using these accounts again, but for some reason I can't and/or don't want to delete them either.

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Common Lisp

This doesn't seem to be kept up to date anymore.

There doesn't seem to be a non-insane account deletion procedure.
Nor even a non-insane password reset procedure. Now that's novel.

I was wondering if I should invest time in this, but now I know I won't.

Hacker News

I spent way too much time on there for a few years, many years ago.
I completely stopped using it years ago. It's too much of a timesink.
Warning: I think I might have said a lot of really stupid things there.

There doesn't seem to be a non-insane account deletion procedure.


I don't really use this. It somehow tends to rank high in Google...

There doesn't seem to be a non-insane account deletion procedure.

Accounts » Deleted

These accounts are listed in reverse-chronological order of deletion.

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Stack Overflow

My first-time-user experience has left me thoroughly unimpressed.


Reddit is a hopeless system I shall no longer abet.


Google+ wasn't giving me significant value.