This is only a first draft. There's much more information to add and this is ugly.

This page does not yet reference all historical releases.
It's mostly a rehashing of "latest versions", for now.

Including high-level change summaries in here would be useful.


7 april 2015

The new Quicklisp dist includes the latest version of clhs (0.6.3).

3 march 2015

clhs 0.6.3

Thanks to @noncopyable for reporting that some improperly-formatted file:// URLs were breaking eww (emacs browser). This is now fixed.


No new releases so far, but there are many to come this year.

Ok, the year is not going as I planned at all, so I don't know.

(That's not to say it's a bad year, but I'm simply not focussing on libraries as I thought I would do.)

26 august 2014

The new Quicklisp dist includes the latest versions of multiple-value-variants (1.0.1) and clhs (0.6.2).

5 august 2014

clhs 0.6.2

It has been brought to my attention that CLISP (quite capriciously) throws an error on (probe-file directory). The CLHS wrapper now uses ext:probe-pathname on that implementation.

24 july 2014

multiple-value-variants 1.0.1

The upcoming version of SBCL breaks positional-lambda's (reasonable?) assumption that all code embedded in an invocation of the backquote reader-macro is reachable through cons-walking.

multiple-value-variants now uses non-backquoted code in its 3 invocations of plambda, as a "temporary" (but likely long-lasting) workaround.


There have been no new releases in 2013, mostly because I was working on my website (and then only with raw HTML and CSS). Also, I was setting up my new "Worknotes" approach, without which I effectively could not do any kind of real programming any longer.


2012 was my first "big year" in terms of library releases.

9 december 2012
symbol-namespaces 1.0
10 november 2012
multiple-value-variants 1.0
4 november 2012
bubble-operator-upwards 1.0
29 october 2012
enhanced-eval-when 1.0
28 october 2012
incognito-keywords 1.0
26 october 2012
parse-number-range 1.0
23 october 2012
enhanced-multiple-value-bind 1.0.1
22 october 2012
place-modifiers 2.1
4 october 2012
macro-level 1.0.1
30 september 2012
positional-lambda 2.0
23 september 2012
clhs 0.6.1
22 september 2012
anaphoric-variants 1.0.1
2 september 2012
cartesian-product-switch 2.0
8 august 2012
map-bind 1.0


16 april 2011
place-utils 0.1